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Month: March 2014

What would I say to my 16 year old self?

2906_MeelikeThere is some kind of campaign about “8 things what would I say to my 16 year old self”. I found the idea from this blog and here are my answers:

1. I know that high school sucks. But please learn more, much more. Because high school is nothing compared to university. And you will see how smarter are other kids from better schools. And some teachers will call you stupid, you wanna avoid it, believe me 🙂

2. Believe me, 60 kg IS NOT FAT!!!! Soon are you bigger and bigger and one point you wanna weight 70 kg again. Yes, 70 kg and AGAIN!!!! So stop eating bread and chocolate!

3. Don´t try to fit in “school-home-kids-mortgage-stable work” system. I know others and society force you to be normal. But you won´t fit in anyway so rather stop as soon as you can. Better start traveling earlier. Besides, one day you are still in point when you leave the normal life anyway, so why not earlier?

4. You like fashion so start wearing better clothes earlier. Stop listening to your mother what to wear and do what you feel like. Buy your own clothes and maybe all bitches from Tallinn will not mock you all the time.

5. Start learning English earlier, MUCH MUCH EARLIER (otherwise you will do it when you are 22 already). I know, it is hard to believe but one day you will live and work abroad.

6. Don´t worry when men don´t like you. One day, when you are 27, you have short red hair, you can see perfectly (no glasses, woo hoo, they invented laser surgery) and you have so much confidence you can have any man you want! 🙂 Just wait a bit

7. Start traveling earlier. When you are 18, you have any rights to do what you feel so start with all adventures. There are over 200 different countries, if you wanna visit them all, you need to hurry.

8. Spend more time with your dad. He is always there for you but one day he cannot do it anymore.

What would you say to your 16 year old self?