Unessential things + win awesome jewelry

Nov 02

Well, it seems that no blog can exist without occasionally giving some stuff to readers and fans. And as it is November (when is also my birthday), I decided to do something about it and make one happy fan even happier. Estonian girl Kaisa has awesome web shop where you can find very cool earrings and necklaces. I ordered incredible cool earrings and necklace with...

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24-hour experiment (October 23, 2014) – “Networking“. Read and participate!

Oct 22

I am very excited to participate and share it :). Let´s see how it works and what the result will be. *************************** We are inviting you to participate in our 24-hour experiment. You, all your friends, acquaintances and others have the opportunity to join us and help to achieve the best possible result. You can use your network of friends and social...

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Camino blog – 164 days to go

Oct 19

… or 5 months and 13 days. For those people who have no idea what am I talking about- I am going to Santiago Compostella next year (so if you want to visit me next year, do it before 31st March or after 7th May). I choose Portuguese route so I will start from Lisbon and as I never been in Portugal or Spain, I can have at least 2 new countries with this trip. They...

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What would I say to my 16 year old self?

Mar 15

There is some kind of campaign about “8 things what would I say to my 16 year old self”. I found the idea from this blog and here are my answers: 1. I know that high school sucks. But please learn more, much more. Because high school is nothing compared to university. And you will see how smarter are other kids from better schools. And some teachers will...

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My year 2013 in numbers

Jan 02

Shortly my year in numbers: *travels: 4. In January I spent few snowy days in Belfast, then 10 days in April in France (Paris and Taizé), in May 5 days in Estonia and 3 days in Berlin in November to celebrate my (and my fiance´s) B-day *new visited countries: 0 (not good, not at all) *new year resolutions what came true: 1. trip to Taizé. I have dreamed about it for...

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What colours to wear for New Year celebration?

Dec 31

A bit spiritual reading to make sure you have done everything to attract good luck and success! The tradition to wear specific colors for New Year celebration in order to attract good luck in the coming year is popular all over the world. As everything is energy – including color, of course! – what you wear when the clock strikes midnight is believed to...

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